Can I earn credits toward a learnership if I complete a course listed, successfully?

Yes, the credits attached to your unit standard will count towards a learnership that contains that unit (short course) in the list of its unit standards.


Do I receive a certificate if I pass the assessments?

Your assignments must be handwritten, or if typed, signed on every page. You will also sign a declaration of authenticity, which declares that it is your work. A registered assessor will then mark your work, it will then be moderated, and inspected by the relevant Seta. After all these processes has been completed, a Certificate of Competence will be issued to you!


Do I have to write an examination?

You will receive practical assignments, and sometimes you will have to provide video clips, photo's and reports of research. You will only be asked to write an examination if you enroll into a full qualification.


Is this a recognised certificate/diploma?

Yes, because Central Business Academy is an accredited training institution, your information will be loaded onto the NRLD (National Learner Database), which means that you will be recognised for that particular SAQA Unit Standard Number of your course, and according to SAQA's policy will never have to repeat this unit again in your lifetime. It will be recognized by all FET training institutions in South Africa.


What is included in the study material?

As soon as you enroll and pay your course fees, we will send you a learner's guide, and an assignment to complete. This will be posted to the address you provide to us. A certificate will be issued to you when all assignments and assessments have been marked and proven that you have been found competent. You will receive three chances to re-submit or re-write this assessment, if you are found not yet competent.


What level of training is NQF1 to NQF4?

Central Business Academy provides Further Education and Training (FET) which means that you can enroll in our courses for enrichment and skills development. For most of our courses you need to have passed grade 10 for NQF 1 to 3 and grade 12 for NQF4. If you have a tertiary qualification it will be to your advantage to enroll for the practical courses, which we offer to enhance your industry experience and practical knowledge. We develop the skills that you need in the workplace, and do therefore not concentrate on academic knowledge only. This is ultimately what the workplace needs.

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